Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Simple but meaningful words..

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Reservation at Jogoya. Done! =)

Hey friends! How are you doing?

I good here. Just a little too busy with daily life. :)
Regarding my title, I've finally confirmed my reservation at Jogoya. Yay!
I'll be going there for dinner this weekend with my BFF.

Actually I've already been to Jogoya once a few years ago. I was invited by a friend of mine to accompany him to his aunt's company dinner. And I got to eat for free! That was the first time I got to know about this place.

JOGOYA is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant located in Starhill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. But they don't only serve Japanese dishes. There are also Western, Chinese and Indian dishes, to name a few. Plus a variety of desserts to choose from.

Can't wait! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cambridge English at The English Studio

Anyone interested in learning Cambridge English in Balakong (Jusco Cheras Selatan) area?

The English Studio offers the following high quality Cambridge English courses for:
  • Primary students
  • Secondary students
  • Young and working adults
Fun, interesting and interactive teaching approach with rich multimedia teaching resources.

The best part : TRIAL CLASSES available

29/03/2012 Thursday
Cambridge English for teenagers (Level 2) class.

1 April 2012 Sunday
Cambridge English for Adults (Intermediate Level)

Visit or contact us for course preview at:
21-1, J-Avenue,
Jalan J-Avenue, Balakong,
43000 Cheras, Selangor.
Tel: 03-90752889

* We are located behind Jusco Cheras Selatan above 7-Eleven

Well if you are interested, do contact Mr. Wong at 016-2228739.
Or you can email him at for further information.

They also provide tuition for *UPSR, PMR and SPM.
* Over 30 years of teaching experience

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Working on slides..

Hi everyone!

For the past few weeks I have been working on slides for teachers to use in the Cambridge English adult classes. It may seem like an easy task but believe me it really takes a lot of thinking and I really have to exercise my creative bone to quite an extent.

I have to search Mr.Google high and low for suitable pictures to deliver the message or to convey a certain topic to the students. Since the slides are for adult classes I have to make sure the pictures aren't so cartoonish or silly. By looking at the pictures, the students must be able to relate and come up with their own words to describe something.

So you see, the pictures I compile in my slide are according to their topic of discussion and it must be able to trigger their mind for ideas. Pheww..

Well, I'll tell you more about it later as for now I've put them aside and currently making a slide for my English class students. It's about the Form 3 poem, A Fighter's Lines.

While I was searching for extra teaching materials just now, I came across this video in YouTube.
It's a nice video with the phrases from the poem and also pictures. I found it interesting and I will be using them as part of my lesson.

Try watching them..

That's all for today peeps! Just a sudden post.. :)
Take care!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today's HOT news in News Straits Times!

A. KathirasenLAST Saturday, my family contributed to Malaysia's happiness index: we celebrated my mother's 85th birthday.
 Because we wanted our neighbours to also  improve our national happiness ranking, we kept the decibel levels down, mainly by not playing loud music or consuming alcohol.
 Malaysia is the 51st happiest country in the world, according to the United Nations's World Happiness Report. And if laughter and cheer can contribute, why not?
Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren watched as she lighted the kutthuvilakku, or standing oil lamp. It has been a tradition in my family for the birthday celebrant to light the kutthuvilakku before cutting the birthday cake.
We think it is improper to light a candle and then blow it out, for light, in Hindu culture, symbolises auspiciousness and God.
  Several party games were played before the screening of a simple documentary on the life and times of Madam Valli, produced by my computer-savvy niece Praba and my brother.
  My mother has weathered the vicissitudes of life well, and has managed to remain contented, if not happy, 24/7. Is happiness a physiological reaction, a product of whirring neurotransmitters? Is it inexplicable, as some romantics would have us believe? Or is it in our genes, as some researchers suggest?
 The World Happiness Report says physical and mental health, family relationships, education, age, religion, values, income, work, community and governance are among the sources of  happiness and misery.
My mother, thankfully, suffers no illness or disablement. This is partly a result of the forced exercises she performed --  in washing clothes, grinding flour, cooking food and doing other such household tasks -- before the advent of  the washing machine, the blender and the gas stove.
I believe it also has to do with the close contact her generation had with nature.
That was a time when condominiums and apartments were not in the vocabulary and everyone walked the earth , sometimes barefoot.
 Also, the many friendly neighbours and the fresh vegetables and fruits that the vendors brought daily to our house, and other houses,  contributed to her health and disposition. I suppose knowing that all her children love her is another reason for her sanguine disposition.
 Or perhaps, it is her age. Some studies suggest that as people age, they tend to become contented, largely because they would rather spend the time living in the present than worrying about the future.
One thing is certain though: happiness is a subjective experience that depends largely on attitude.
My mother has an innate awareness of an eternal reality and seems to intuit a cosmic pattern woven by this reality, which she refers to as Lord Muruga.
If things do not go the way she wants, she does not get angry or upset; she simply assigns responsibility to this cosmic architect and moves on.
 This awareness of a higher presence gives her strength and succour.  But it is not fatalism. It is more like: give your best, let God handle the rest.
Also, she is happy with what she has. I have to almost force her to ask me for something or other. Her answer is always: "I don't need anything. I have everything I need."  And her needs are exceedingly simple.
 On her birthday, I asked her:  "Don't you ever worry?" She replied: "Why should I worry? I just remember that life has its ups and downs.
"If I am sad today, the sadness cannot last; the pendulum will swing the other way to bring me joy, maybe tomorrow, maybe the following week. It is a waste of life to get depressed.
 "Similarly, if there is joy today, I accept that there will be certain periods of sadness. If you remember that ups follow downs and downs follow ups, and if your needs are few, you can be contented.
"Also, only take the good and positive in every conversation and event, and forget the bad and negative."
What else? "Blaming people or circumstances is not going to help, so don't."
Every morning at 6, she has a long conversation with God --  at least for 30 minutes --  beseeching him to shower his grace upon all her children, her children's children and her great grandchildren.
 I think this nourishes her, and us too.
 Another integrant of happiness was evident that day: family relationship. All of us had come together because of my mother. The mother is the hub of every family, the children the spokes.
When the mother is no more, the wheel of consanguinity often wobbles, and sometimes breaks.  Which is why we all came together for her that day: to not only show our appreciation and our love, but also keep the wheel oiled. And to be happy.
  There are many people out there who, like my mother, may not be contributing to the nation's gross domestic product but who, like my mother, are contributing to the nation's happiness index. I salute them.

"One is never as unhappy as one thinks, or as happy as one hopes to be. -- François de La Rochefoucauld

Read more: Mum's secret to happiness - Columnist - New Straits Times

Friday, April 6, 2012

Busy bee's quick post... bzzz

Once again the girl who owns this blog did what she does best! ..She abandoned her blog... :(
And that girl happens to be none other but ME! haha.. :p

My reason? I'm BUSY! haha..

Well I'm not exactly THAT busy with piles and piles of paperwork to be settled.
At least not yet.. ^^
Maybe just a little like this one here.. taking calls, a little paperwork, some pending work on my to-do list and still having time to drink a cup of coffee or two with some biscuits.

~ I still have everything under control ~
Its just that I haven't got much time in my hand to spend it on writing a post now days.
Err.. You must be thinking that I always say this right? hihi.. whatever lah! :p
The thing is I've started working at a tuition centre now you know. I'm a tuition teacher and also part-time admin when I'm not teaching.

So, most of my time will be spent here in the tuition centre. That's where I am now. Just found some time to write this quickly.

When I'm at home I'll have other things to do.. cleaning, eating, helping my mother, sleeping, sending and picking up my sister from school, family time and resting..

So you can see.. 

Okay guys, that's all for my quick update today.. Till my next post !

Haha.. No hard feelings ok! Enjoy your day! I have to get back to making myself busy now.. :p
See ya!

 for dropping by!

* All photos and images are courtesy of sweet Mr. Google who knows all..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dear animal lovers.. do give us a helping hand

Dear friends,
Me and my friends will be volunteering at SPCA Selangor next week.
At this moment, we are trying out best to collect funds / necessary items (e.g: pet food, disinfectant, antiseptics etc.) that can be donated to SPCA to help in bringing down their operating costs.

If any of you would like to donate, please PM me or you can directly send an e-mail to my friend Suhania at and we'll reply ASAP with all the details.

REMEMBER - No amount is considered small!
Even the smallest donation is welcomed.
Its the thought that counts the most! :)

Kindly share this with your friends.. we would appreciate as much help as we can get.. :)

SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Do check out their wishlist in their website to get a rough idea of what they need.

Thanks in advance!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Why do boys need a friend who is a girl?

Do you know why?
Its something very sweet I read and I thought I ought to share it with you guys.

Why do boys need a friend who is a girl?

because she...
> will never leave you alone when you're sad..
> will see to it that you do your works on time..
> will make sure you don't skip meals to play matches and do work..
> will ask you to leave your bad habits everyday, every time..
> will fight with you on small matters but won't keep the anger for long..
> will make you money-wise..
> will say-don't worry, even if there's lot to worry or nothing to worry..
> will make you punctual..
> will help you restrain your anger..
> will talk to you 15 times a day to know what you're doing..

You might feel bugged at times but the truth is that you can't do anything without her
Realize their worth and take care of them.. :)
Dedicated to all girls and boys who share the love and friendship... 

Verrry  berry sweet eh?
I thought so too.. SO you guys out there better appreciate that girl in your life who sticks with you and does all the above. she's a gem of a stone! 

She doesn't have to be your special girlfriend to deserve the best from you.
You just need to show her that you care and make her feel special..

Remember It's the thought that counts and even the smallest thing counts!

Love u guys! take care.. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monologue of a Kurta

Ever wondered what your shirt or maybe your blouse has to say about the perception we have on them?

Seriously, I don't think any of us had ever before.
After all, to us, they are just something we wear to protect our bare bodies and also to enhance our appearance.

This guy here is wearing a Kurta
But there's this one particular Kurta who has something to say on behalf of his other attire relatives, upon the sudden fame he has been experiencing.

So lets read up... :)

A piece of clothing doesn’t make a man’s religion
By A. Kathirasen
 Humans show wisdom in so many areas, yet they fail in managing religion

HI there. My name is kurta and I am here to say a few words about myself, my relatives and my ancestors.
I was quite content to provide a layer of protection and add to the charm of those who wear me. But comments in the media force me to make a public statement.

 First, let me say that I am a long, loose shirt. In a very slightly modified version, I am referred to as jippa.

Though I'm preferred by men, women, too, wear me,  in a shorter version called a kurti.

 Millions wear me in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and parts of Iran, and wherever you find people from these nations. Not counting the ubiquitous T-shirt and shirt, I think more men wear me than any other form of upper garment.

 Coming to the matter at hand, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, wearing me, attended the Thaipusam celebration at the Batu Caves Sri Subramaniar Temple on Feb 7. I felt proud to be worn by a prime minister and I tried my best to enhance his appeal.

 Every time he waved, I made sure my hands drooped a little, so that his hands would be clear for all to see. I allowed him much freedom of movement so that he would be comfortable. And I did all this so unobtrusively that he didn't notice me.

 But now, everyone, it seems, has noticed my presence or knows of me. Yes, I have become a celebrity, but I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

 You see, some people feel that the prime minister, being a Muslim, should not have attended the Thaipusam function.

Don't they know that Najib is the prime minister of all Malaysians, including Hindus?

It's sad that they don't give the prime minister credit for knowing how to be a proper Muslim while also being the leader of citizens of other faiths.

 But, hey, I shouldn't talk too much. I don't want pugnacious and pompous protectors of propriety petitioning for a ban on me, or, as is the fashion these days, lodging hundreds of police reports, or worse, burning me.

 What irks me, however, is that, according to Najib, some people were unhappy that he was wearing me. These people, it appears, think that I am a Hindu and, therefore, a Muslim should not have worn me. Oh, God!

 Let me  state that I am not a Hindu. Neither am I a Muslim, or a Christian, or a Buddhist, or a Sikh or a Jain or an atheist. I transcend religion. No, don't get me wrong. I am not God. But my relatives and I have one quality that God has: we are present everywhere you find humans.

 I am a kurta, and like my relatives the jeans, the shirt, the pants, the bra, the panties, the underwear, the skirt, the dress, the T-shirt, the vesti, the sarong, the cheongsam  and the saree, I have no religion.

  If you humans choose to divide yourself according to religion, and fight over it, that is your business. Don't drag us into it. We are civilised and, therefore, do not indulge in infantile acrimony over religious or racial or creedal differences.

 We befriend everyone and anyone. If you choose to wear us, we'll provide protection for your body, cover your modesty, and make you look smart or beautiful.

 If you choose to define your identity by what you wear, that is your choice. Wear us, but, please don't wear us down by your wearisome weaknesses and vagaries.

 Of course, once in a while, we feel added pleasure when a head of state or government, or a famous celebrity, wears us. But, I must tell you that we feel the greatest pleasure when an honest man or woman wears us. But, oh, the paucity of such people these days.

 Let me also  trace the history of my family tree. We originate from the tree. Yes, the first vestments worn by humans were leaves and barks.  Later, your ancestors learned how to use cotton, and other materials, to make clothes.

 Note that we have been around since almost the dawn of time, long before organised religions came into existence. That's why we can't understand why you fight over whose religion is right or whose race is better?

 Don't you realise that religion was born just yesterday, compared with the eons in which man has walked on this planet? Don't you realise that all of you originated in Africa?

 God  --  or, for those who don't believe in God, Nature -- gave you brains so that you could keep yourself safe and live in harmony with your fellow humans and surroundings.

 Why is it that you who have shown remarkable intelligence and wisdom in so many areas have failed so miserably when it comes to religion and race?

 Learn from us to go beyond skin colour. No pun intended, of course.   Anyway, if you can't or won't use your common sense, that's your choice. But, please, leave me out of it.  As a kurta, I provide protection and pulchritude.

 "We forge the chains we wear in life"  -- Charles Dickens

Click this link to read up the article about what the Kurta has to say. << the original article link

In a very slightly modified version, kurta's are referred to as jippa.

Those women wear are known as kurti

Pictures used are all courtesy of Mr. Google ~ he who knows more then we do.. :p
The article I'm referring and linked to this post came out in the News Straits Times today.
Credits to the writer. :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

I got ASNB 1 Malaysia already !

After quite some time hearing about the Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia (AS1M) account, I just got the chance to go and get one for myself.

I opened my AS1M at Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad office in Putrajaya. Went there with my cousin sister.
We got to know that the quota for Indians was still available, so we went to check out the availability and we managed to open it.

The minimum share you're allowed to purchase is 100 units which costs RM 100.
Yes! RM 1 per unit.. You can buy more if of course you have the money to do so. As for me I just wanted to open the account first. Coz later on I can just go and add up the money at related banks or any post offices.

~ My Amanah Saham 1Malaysia investment book ~
If you still haven't bought the share go ahead and do it. You can open the account at any Maybank, RHB or CIMB banks or even directly at Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad offices, that is if they still have unsold shares. Just go and ask first. Nothing goes to waste if its going to be an investment right.

Upon opening the account you can always go and add up the money in it at any of the above mentioned banks or even at the post office. All you have to do is fill in a slip with the details of the account holder and also the account number and include the money. Its just as simple as that.

Well thats all for today.. Take care..

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thaipusam 2012 preview..

HI friends.
This morning I went to Batu Caves to catch a glimpse of the eves of Thaipusam with my mother, aunty and uncle. I drove to my aunt's house in Puchong and we all went in one car as it will be very hard to get a parking space near the temple.

Reached Puchong at 9am and by 10am we were already at Batu Caves. Although the actual Thaipusam day is on Tuesday, the crowd was still there. People have already started to take Kavadi and also Paal Kodam for Lord Muruga.

~ Lord Muruga majestically standing at the entrance looking over his devotees ~

~ One of the big kavadi on the way inside the temple ~

Up the stairs and inside the cave... 

~ Lord Hanuman ~

Perumaal temple..

After visiting the shrines and praying we went around the stalls. Both me and my aunty bought a necklace with a very big pendant..

We left from Batu Caves around 12.30pm and went to Paandi's Brickfields for lunch. And food there was simply superb. 

After lunch we went back to my aunty's house, spent some time there and came back home at 4pm. It was really tiring has it was an extremely hot day and we were walking under the sun. BUT I enjoyed it.. :)

I'm planning to go for a second time on Thaipusam day with my friend. Hope its possible! and I must make sure to take my camera along to take more snaps. All the photos I took today was using my handphone camera.

I guess thats all for today. I'm exhausted and I need some rest so I'm planning to go to bed early today. Which as you can see is getting delayed as I am still typing this post. Hahah.. 

Okay guys.. Its time for me to surrender. GOOD NIGHT !! Muaxxxx.... :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year !!

Hey hey hey everybody!!
Wishing you all a happy and prosperous chinese new year!
May this DRAGON year brings us the very best and 
may we all be blessed by god with all the health, wealth and wisdom.

I hope this year I got banyak ong lor.. will be a little helpful for me if I get to continue with my degree..

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