Saturday, May 21, 2011

UniFi High Speed Broadband

Finally TM have installed UniFi at our house today. We've been waiting almost for two months for the installation date.

My father had registered for the UniFi promotion package which saved us RM 200 on the installation fee.

                                  Triple play advantages of VIP:

                                            V Video or Internet Protocol Television (HyppTV)

                                            I  High Speed Internet

                                            P Phone (Voice Service)

The TM installer guys were an hour late from the time they confirmed to come as they got lost finding our house. But they apologized upon reaching here at 10.30 am and started work immediately. They were very friendly and answered all our questions properly without hesitation.

It took them almost 4 hours to finish the installation process. They started work outside the house (behind) to take connection from the TM pole and later continued the installation process inside. They fixed everything and  then tested the connections.

There were 4 equipments installed :
  1. Fiber Broadband Termination Unit (BTU)  ~ where the fiber optic cable is connected
  2. D-Link WiFi Home Router  ~ plugged into the Fiber BTU
  3. Set-Top-Box (STB)  ~ decoder for IPTV and VoD plugged into the WiFi Router
  4. Motorola C4A Digital Cordless Phone  ~ connected to the Fiber BTU
    The 4 piece of equipment installed
    After installation, they showed us how to use the HyppTV navigation menu and how to subscribe the other optional channels.

    Channel 100 lets you have a preview all the available channels.

    The High Definition (HD) channels are extremely clear and of superb quality.

    As for the internet connection its really really fast. I tried to test the speed using the online speedtester and got a Grade A rating.

    Watching videos in YouTube now is such a good experience! It doesn't lag at all or not as much as it used to while using the broadband.

    Now we don't have to click a video, pause it and wait for the red progress bar to load till the end before starting to watch it. We can even watch the videos in full HD.

    And best of all I don't have to wait long to attach photos in my blog post. Yeah!

    My father is very satisfied with their service and also very amused with the quality of HD videos they provide especially those on the nature.

    As for now what I can say is "Thumbs Up TM !"
    p/s : Let's just hope their service stays like this..

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Retarded broadband.. haish

    Hello guys..
    I have been wanting to post some entries earlier but then my broadband has been retarded for the past few days that I can't attach photos properly. It either gets stuck halfway or doesn't load at all.

    I hope this ends for good as they'll be fixing our UniFi tomorrow morning. We registered with TM about a month ago and tomorrow is the earliest they could fix it. 

    I did hear from a friend working in TM that they have thousands of pending UniFi installations to keep up with. She said the installation takes time and each team of two guys can only cover up to 4 installations per day. So that explains the delay.

    Let's just hope that it performs as good as they claim it to be. Can't wait to start watching movies online without any break-offs. 

    Well thats all for now. I'll keep you posted about the TM UniFi okay.. 
    Have a good night!

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Dinner at Milwaukee Steak Corner

    Hey peeps!!
    I just came back after having my dinner at Milwaukee Steak Corner @ Balakong. And I'm stuffed..

    Milwaukee has been here for some time already but its just now that my friend and I decided to try it out. They also have another outlet in Kepong. It is quite known for its great western food and also its cheap price. (which I think have gone up now.)

    Okay their tissue says Steak House but its actually Steak Corner

    I liked the atmosphere very much as it was cosy and relaxing. We managed to have a decent dinner without any hustle bustle of a hawker stall or anything like it.

    Food was nice and looked presentable. I found the food to be a little expensive for me but then again its my first time to a steak corner and I don't have any place else to compare it with, so I think it was okay..

    I had Tempura Seafood Platter which consisted of crunchy fried prawns, squid, scallops, fish fillet and french fries. I liked it as they were all crispy and nice to eat.

    Tempura Seafood Platter ~ RM 17.90

    My friend had Chicken Cordon Blue which is deep fried breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese. It looked small but was very filling. The melted cheese inside it oozes out the moment you cut through it. Both of us enjoyed eating it.

    Chicken Cordon Bleu ~ RM 18.90

    As for drinks, we just had apple juice and warm water.

    Apple juice ~ RM 5.00 n warm water ~ FOC

    Overall, I enjoyed the food that we had and also the cosy environment. It was worth a try for me. Maybe we'll be going there again some other time when we feel like having a costly dinner and if my friend agrees to give me a treat. :p

    Milwaukee Steak Corner
    No.13, Jalan Kasturi 1
    Plaza Kasturi,
    Off Jalan Balakong,
    43200 Cheras, Balakong
    Tel: 03-90764522 

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Back from holidays..

    Happy Wesak Day! How have you guys been? Its a public holiday today. Did ya all go out or pay a visit to Buddha for Wesak Day?

    I just got back from my holidays at my grandparents house in Sungai Siput, Perak. I had such a good time there and if only I didn't have to come back home.. :(

    I went there on Saturday morning. We moved from the house as early as 5 in the morning and reached around 8am. I was so happy to see my grandparents and so were they. It's been quite a long time since we last went back there. 3 days was just not sufficient enough. Sigh..

    Most of all I missed her delicious cooking. The 1st day we had mutton curry and then crab perattal ( its like curry but a thicker version, more of a gravy type ) the next day. So yummy and finger licking gooood!

    This is specially for me.
    Rice tossed and mixed with the remaining spicy gravy in the hot wok after the crab had been dished out.
    Really yummy!

    Since I'm still bound to my crutches to move around, I was moving quite slowly and couldn't join my sister and my aunty's children play badminton or go for walks. Instead I spent most of the time playing, petting and taking photos of Sunny Boy.. my grandmothers pet dog. He was not jumping or moving around much, at least when he was tied down so it was quite safe to play with him.

    Sunny Boy

    Thats his thinking spot.. hehe
    A few of his yoga poses.. lol

    My grandmothers house is quite big compared to mine and since I was walking around the house a lot, my ankle would swell really bad and sometimes a little painful. I had to rub some ointment at night before going to bed to help soothe the pain abit. I was worried about it the first day but then the swelling reduced when I woke up the next day, so I just tolerated the pain. I can't just be sitting at one place and do nothing right?

    On Monday night, everyone went to my grandfathers friends daughters wedding dinner except for my parents and me. Dinner at home was not too bad. My mother being a vegetarian herself cooked me a delicious, fat and juicy tiger prawn.

    It was just one big prawn all for myself. It was my first time eating tiger prawn and it was good. There was so much flesh and it was sweet. The gravy on the other hand was spicy masala. Great combo!

    Very fleshy right?! Sedapp..


    Today we got up as early as 4am, packed up, said byebye and left Sungai Siput at 5am.
    Reached KL around 8.30 am and had our breakfast at Seetharam opposite Serdang KTM.

    After reaching home, a friend of mine came. He brought along a liqueur chocolate given by another friend, for us to taste.

    Swiss milk chocolate with Tennessee Whiskey

    It contained Jack Daniel's Whiskey 8.5% inside the chocolate. It was just a small amount and we just had a piece each so it didn't actually make us drunk or what-so-ever. But you could taste the liqueur inside. Just a bite and SPLUSH! It exploded..

    Hahaha.. Don't worry nothing exploded. Just kidding.. ;p
    The liqueur inside just leaked. It was nice la, sort of had a gassy taste. But I don't know how to describe the liqueur. Its an acquired taste I guess.

    Around lunch time my friend and I went out as we had to run some errands for my father and also go to the bank. My sister followed us too.
    After running the errands and going to the bank we went to Pappa Rich @ Kajang to have our lunch.
    Its our first time here so we just had what we thought looked nice in the menu.

    My friend ordered Dry Curry Mee with Fried Egg and also Carrot juice. The mee was good but the juice was  not.

    Dry Curry Mee ~ RM 8.90
    I think the fried egg made it look better.
    Carrot juice ~ RM 5.50

    My sister had Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang. Overall their Nasi Lemak was good. The Chicken Rendang had a very nice aroma.
    Erm.. It was more presentable when they served it but my sister had already start digging in by the time I took a snap. That explains the messy rice and missing part of the egg.

    Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang ~ RM 8.90

    I had Prawn Mee and I found it to be mediocre only. It was quite blend. A little more spiciness would have been better.

    Prawn Mee ~ RM 8.90
    My sister enjoying her MILO Dinosaur ~ RM 4.80

    Owh.. And they charge RM 0.60 for warm water. Everything came to about RM 41.35, inclusive of service charges.

    I had been wanting to go to the Buddhist Temple for Wesak Day which I didn't go as my mother thought was not a good idea. She said it would be crowded and people might accidentally bump into me.

    Despite not being able to go and visit Buddha at the temple, I got to catch a glimpse of him on the road when we were on the way back home after lunch. He was practically next to me on the road. Hahaha..

    Lot 9, Section 7,
    Bandar Kajang,
    Daerah Hulu Langat,

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Under re-construction..

    Dear readers,

    I'm currently re-constructing, re-arranging, renewing and improvising my blog. It may seem a little disorientated.

    sorry for the inconvenience caused..

    do drop by again later.. :)

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Feelings of discomfort..

    I just hate this feeling of discomfort on my leg. You know the broken one thats recovering now..
    Hate it.. hate it.. hate it.. :(
    This discomfort is making me worried for no reason.

    Have I walked too much today? Or is it too much of moving my leg?
    Was that my bone that felt tingly or are my muscles starting to get back in shape?

    Then my super duper imagination gets in..
    Maybe its my bone moving? hmm.. It can't be. Its already joined just not strong. So it's not possible. Right??

    But there's no sign of swelling or extreme pain. So it can't be the bone. It should be nothing to be worried about. I should just try to sleep.

    Owh God..
    At times like this I just wished I had X-ray vision eyes , so that I could see into my leg and make sure everything is alright inside. I bet I'd be checking almost every 10 minutes or for every slight discomfort I feel. haha..

    For those who are new to my blog, don't worry I'm not always like this. I'm normal most of the time. "wink"

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    Happy Mothers Day !! ♥ ♥

    Ermm.. I know you'd be thinking that my post seems out of date at the moment but I just got the chance to post this.. Grr.. So do pardon me.. :)

    So what did you do for your mother on Mothers Day? Anything special? A dinner out or a family time at home?

    Well I just made my mother a simple card, which she was happy to receive. hehe..

    It was my uncle's 58th birthday on Saturday, so we had a small dinner gathering at his house. His family, my cousin brothers and my family.

    We were invited for dinner at their house by his wife who prepared a wholesome dinner for us. But she had also strictly told us earlier, not to bring any presents or gifts for my uncle has he doesn't like to trouble us. So I decided to make him a card instead.

    I took out my art box and went through it to see what I could do. And the result...

    TADAA !!...
    ~Birthday card for my uncle~
    It is quite a simple card. More like a postcard actually but then its something and as I always say... it's the thought that counts! (no matter how big or small..)

    Then I thought why not make a Mothers Day card for my mother and I did..

    ~For my dear mother~
    And eventually I ended up making another 3 Mothers Day card, for my grandmother, auntie and cousin sister.

    ~For my grandmother~
    ~For my auntie~
    ~For my cousin sister~
    All the cards were simple and I wrote them each a personal note.. which is personal enough that I have censored them as you can see.. ;p

    I gave each of them their cards after dinner at my uncle's house and all of them liked their cards.
    I was glad that they liked it..

    I love my family so much! 

    Okay guys.. I have to sleep already. I'll be going for my physiotherapy tomorrow and I need my rest.

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    The Royal Wedding.. ♥

    I know that this story may sound a little stale already but come on, its the wedding of the year. How can we not talk about it already. (Actually I wanted to write about this earlier but just got the chance to do so.)

    The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine "Kate" Elizabeth Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A wedding watched by billions of people around the world. The fact that it was broadcast live all over the world made it even spectacular.

    They look soo sweet together don't they? :)

    Well this is the most closest we can get to a fairy tale wedding in reality life right. It was just so perfect and seemed magical just like in those bed time stories of prince and princesses we used to hear. The prince marries the girl he loves and of they go in their carriage, living happily ever after. At least this one is not made of pumpkin (unlike Cinderella's carriage) and they don't only last till midnight. haha..

    I'm sure almost every girl would love to have a wedding anything almost similar to a fairy tale wedding like this. Lavish and to splurge for their wedding preparation making it the most wonderful day in their life and being the princess of the day.

    Kate was just drop-dead-gorgeous in her splendid looking wedding dress. So many people were waiting to catch a glimpse of her wedding dress. They were even predicting how her wedding dress would look like days before the wedding. Kate looked just like how she was supposed to be.. a beautiful princess and her smile is really so sweet and pleasant.

    Kate's captivating smile :)

    Prince William did look his best but I think Kate looked more stunning. Sorry Prince William.. hehe..
    Both Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry were looking smart in their royal attire. And Prince Harry is not married yet girls.. ;p

    Prince Harry and Prince William
    And to give the whole wedding a finishing touch.. jeng jeng jeng.. their most awaited kiss on the Buckingham palace balcony.

    ~The Royal Wedding Cake~
    ~The Royal Family~

    Gossssipp ~~
    While everyone had their eyes on the royal couple of the day, Prince William and Kate. There seemed to be someone else who was in the lime-light too,.. sister of the bride and the Maid of Honor Philippa (Pippa) Charlotte Middleton. Pippa managed to attract the public looking simply elegant in her ivory satin gown. And of all the things its her bumm that caught most of the attention. Gosh.. and now she's dubbed as Britain's most eligible woman.

    ~Pippa the Maid of Honor and the little bridesmaids~

    Numerous fan club websites and social sites have been created to pay homage to Pippa by her die-heart fans.
    And to add icing to her newly found fame was the chemistry between Pippa and Prince William's brother and best man, Prince Harry.

    The newly wed couple and the couple in the making?? 

    For a moment even I thought that they looked nice together. Many are hoping that Pippa would be soon in the arms of charming Prince Harry.

    Although both of them are already dating someone else for now.. both of them are not married yet, so anything can happen. But they do make a sweet couple right?
    We'll just have to wait and see.. ;p

    A perfect pair maybe?

    Hmm.. I wonder where my prince charming is? Hope he comes with a carriage.. haha.. Its never wrong to dream right. lolz.. Here's a video to dream on with Snow White..

    Some day my prince will come... some day we'll meet again... :)

    The Royal Wedding and The Royal Channel are websites specially for the royal couple and their wedding.
    All the pictures used in this article are courtesy of Mr.Google. Thanks !
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