Friday, September 30, 2011

Last day at RQC.. :(

It was my last day of internship at RQC today..
3 whole months have passed by as if gone just in the blink of an eye. What initially seemed like a very long time period just got over so quickly leaving behind many sweet memories and many new acquaintance to cherish.

I was both happy and sad at the same time and was quite worried I might be all tears towards saying goodbye time. I am glad that I had finally finished my internship which also means that I have completed my Diploma course.

And as if things were not touching enough,.. one of the class that I was teaching arranged a surprise for me during lunch time. They had planned things ahead and asked me to follow them to the park nearby. There they surprised me with a chocolate cake. So sweet of them right? yess.. :)

~ The chocolate cake.. already half eaten ~
And here's how the rest of the day went by...

After lunch break was Majlis Perpisahan and some jamuan ringan..

~ Waiting to play Musical Ball game ~

~ The Poison Ball in action ~
~ Part of the MPP's who were organizing the activities ~

Makan-makan time... 

And we all said goodbye.. 
Thanks to all RQC staff and students for having me there and for the wonderful time I had.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rich Homemade Mango Lassi ♥

Hye my dear friends ! :) 
My father bought some ripe mangoes from the pasar malam last night. They were just so sweet and I was soo tempted to make some Mango Lassi. And so i did..

Some sweet ripe cubed mangoes..,
Fresh yoghurt..,
Full cream milk..,
Some ice cubes to chill..
Put 'em all together and blend to perfectness

jeng jeng jeng.........
you get a.., milky, creamy smoothie...

I topped them with pieces of dried cranberries.. yummmmy!
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