Monday, February 14, 2011

:♥:♥: Happy Valentines Day :♥:♥:

(pic frm google)
The rose is red, the violet's blue
The honey's sweet, and so are you
Thou are my love and I am thine
I drew thee to my Valentine
The lot was cast and then I drew
And Fortune said it shou'd be you..♥ ♥
(adapted from wikipedia)

Hye friends..
So any special plans for today with your special someone??
Its Valentines.. a day to celebrate love and affection with your loved ones.. be it your parents, husband, special boyfriend/girlfriend, friends or even siblings..
Even so i don't think we need to allocate a specific day just to show n shower love. It should be everyday..that will make any relationship more meaningful. You don't have to buy a bouquet of red roses on Valentines Day that'd cost a hole in your pocket, just to express your love. You don't have to do something extraordinary on this one day and not even bother for the rest of the days.
Its actually the small things that matters the most.. 
Simple actions of care and affection are more meaningful.. 
Many may have different opinions but this is what i think. Anyway enough about all the bla bla bla.. hehe.. I'd like share a very lovely song from Thumbelina. I really love the lyrics.. Some of the things that a girl would like to hear from a guy.. 

The lyrics :
Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars

Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours

Anything that you desire
Anything at all
Everyday I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

Let me be your wings
Leave behind the world you know
For another world of wondrous things
We'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings
Fly with me and I will be your wings

Anything that you desire
Anything at all
Everyday I'll take you higher
And I'll never let you fall

You will be my wings
You will be my only love
Wondrous things are sure to happen

We'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings

Heaven isn't too far

Heaven is where you are

Stay with me
And let me be your wings!

Nice lyrics right!? Hope you guys enjoyed it as well. That'd be all for now. Till my next entry..
Take care.. Lots of love from me to you..  Happy Valentines Day!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Parents wedding anniversary and amma's birthday makan2..

Happy Anniversary 2 amma n appa.. :)
(pic frm google)
Aloha everyone.. :)
It was my parents 22nd wedding anniversary on the 10th and amma's birthday yesterday. So i sort of planned a small surprise for them. Nothing much actually.. just a simple makan-makan.
I asked the favour of a close friend of mine to buy home the food, which was Dominoes Pizza and a chocolate cake. I had ordered the pizza earlier so my friend just had to go pick it up.

Chocolate cake.. yummy...

I ordered pizzas based on the coupon i had. 2 regular pizza + extra cheese +1 garlic cheese onion rings.
My parents are both vegetarians, so had one with vege topping and another with tuna for my sis, my friend and me. All of us love to eat pizza and had them all finished up in no time.. hehe..

Vegie Fiesta
(the cheesy topping was delic
Flaming tuna
(was not so spicy also but nice)
Love pizzas and chocolate cake.. :)

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